Monday, April 26, 2010

Faraday Cage - Studio Control Room - EMP Fallout Shelter

My most recent project that I am working on is my studio control room.

My long term plan is to use this small room as both the sound-isolated audio recording control room, and my base of operations for my HAM radio equipment.

The room is about 5' x 40" x 6' 3" tall. The amps and computers will be located in the utility room in the basement, isolated both from the control room and the studio. (So as to avoid fan noise and unwanted heat.) The lines will be run into the control room for the speakers, monitor, and USB for the keyboard, mouse, and other devices.

One of the things I'd like to do with this room is to make it a Faraday cage. I'd like to completely shield it electronically. I am looking for inexpensive metal for the cage, but for now it seems that the materials are too expensive for me to buy at the moment.

I'd love copper sheets on the walls, ceiling, and floor, but I think I'll have to settle for aluminum.

If you know of anywhere I can get inexpensive aluminum rolls... Please tell me. :)

My wall stud structure is built, and I am about to put the wooden outer walls up in the near future. I'll try to post updates as I go.

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  1. The full interior and exterior walls are done now. I lined the interior with a thin Aluminum metal, and carpeted it. I have run the 12V DC power lines to the room, and have connected the light switch to a 12V CFL light fixture in the corner of the ceiling. I have also stained and varnished the desktop wood that is basically a shelf, and am working on the floor. I am using recycled metallic carpeted squares for the floor, and they should work great. (Assuming I can find a blade capable of cutting them to size.